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Altenew Obsidian Black Pigment Re-inker

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Ready to refresh your ink pads with vibrant liquid color?

Refresh and remoisten your Altenew Obsidian Pigment Ink pads with our matching re-inker! Our oil-based black pigment ink is perfect for stamping extremely fine and detailed images. The rich black color dries quickly and does not fade. It is waterproof and works beautifully with watercolor and other water-based mediums. It is also acid-free and archival. Transform dry ink pads into juicy and ready-to-use ink pads, in mere moments.

  • Remove cap.
  • Squeeze contents of bottle onto ink pad, until the desired amount of ink has been absorbed into the felt ink pad.
  • Replace cap.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Out of the way of direct sunlight.
  • Each re-inker contains approx. 0.5 oz of ink.