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Design Team Call



Riley and Co. is looking for a few awesome designers to join our design team!

We are the original home of snark with our crazy funny Funny Bones line,

and we have Mushroom Lane, Riley & Friends, Dress Up Riley and

our newest line of dies - Cut-Ups!


What We Are Looking For

We are a bunch of fun folks here at Riley and Co. so we are looking for designers that love to create fun and colorful happy cards.

We certainly are NOT among the average here, so we are not looking for average cards.

We are in search of spectacular designers who have mad coloring skills, love to find new card layouts and templates and love color.

We are looking for TEAM PLAYERS that like to work with other designers. 



 You will be expected to:

 make between 10-15 cards every two months for website samples,

 to follow project guidelines and meet deadlines,

 to post card samples on your social media outlets at least 3 times a month.


  What's Next? 

 If you are interested in becoming a Riley & Co. designer, we would love to hear from you!

Please send the following information to Tanya at


1.  Your personal deets:  Name, Address, Phone, Email,

2.  Your social deets:  Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Blog if you have one

3.  All current and previous design teams you have been on,

4.  Tell me why you would like to design for us,

5.  Tell me why YOU think companies have design teams.

6.  Include photographs of 5 staged card samples of your best work. 


Deadline:  July 12th, 2024